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Sharing resources means sharing opportunities and knowledge.
On this page you will find periodically materials and tools useful for the practice of those who work in museums, study or teach or even care for someone else.

A museum gallery and some people visiting it.  From the window you can see as many of them outside: they are all people for whom the museum is inaccessible.

March 28th, 2020

These days many of our museums are sharing digital resources, often with the urge to experiment and make us feel the institutions closest. And yet, a few tricks would allow us to be even more accessible. Here is a list of possible links and ideas.

A white square with laces held by the hands of two different people and in the middle the words "museums-base and not only ideas for caregivers".

April 26th, 2020

Museums are closed. Many educators and professionals are in trouble. What about our visitors? The more fragile ones are missing the opportunity to meet other people and participate in educational activities. That is why this list of proposals with different levels of difficulty is addressed to them and their caregivers. Some ideas come from museum programs, others not necessarily, hoping they can meet people's motivation while they are forced to stay at home.

A person visiting is visiting a museum virtually through their laptop; a person and a kid are viting a real museum surrounded by objects

May 12th, 2020

More and more museums around the world are offering virtual tours online, an opportunity for access that poses many issues.
What are the common bias that influence our attention? What does it mean to be focused? Why do we first have to orient ourselves in a space? Through this article on Museum Next I tried to answer these and many other questions in a practical way, by offering different ideas and reading suggestions.

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